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SMS Termination Services

Voice Innovators provides a highly reliable mobile messaging gateway service allowing messages from different telecoms to be delivered on time. We specializes in providing Mobile Terminated (MT) outbound SMS messaging services with direct SMS connectivity to mobile network operators across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America. We provide highly reliable, cost effective, efficient and low latency delivery of SMS messages to GSM mobile telephones and devices.


SMS reminders are the smartest way to make people remember their meetings, this approach is used instead of call reminders, which makes them comfortable. Schedule your reminder text, specify time and place and our SMS services will take care of that.


We deliver handset-based SMS verification and two-factor authentication using one-time passcode. An easy way to be protected from any type of fraud and spam.


Our services deliver top of the notch transactional SMS to keep you safe from any kind of fraud. Your safety is our first priority.


Use our platform to make your customer aware of your latest promotion. Increase your brand awareness, boost engagement, and eventually make sales with our simple platform.


If a customer needs help, two-way SMS messaging is the simplest way to satisfy them in the shortest period and without any stress.

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