Messaging is the medium people can't seem to overlook Most successful way for marketing READ MORE Text Messaging is the most Effective and Immediate form of Mobile Communication. People open Messages at a 98% and the Average Response Time for a Message is 90 Seconds. Get in touch with the people quickly READ MORE Aside from the reliability of Messaging, Texts are Quick, Cost-Effective and Results can very quickly be analyzed. It’s Efficient, Simple to set up and use and has an almost immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities. READ MORE Slide
SMS – a reliable way to reach your customers fast and cheap

Aside from the reliability of Messaging, Texts are Quick, Cost-Effective and Results can very quickly be analyzed. It’s Efficient, Simple to set up and use and has an almost immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities. 

Global A2P SMS and Connectivity

• We have reach to over 100 Countries Worldwide with Reliable Links and Stable Connectivity
• Used by Product Brands, Retailers, Organization, Banks, and Enterprises
• We support Promotional/Marketing and Transactional Message

Wholesale, B2B and SMS Aggregators Support

If you are looking for Stable, High Quality Routes for SMS Traffic, you are at the Right Place.
• Your SMS are in safe hand, we can process your Transactional and Promotional SMS
• We Monitor Round the Clock to give High Quality of Service
• Voice Innovators are Keen to provide Consistency and Quality, rather then getting the Quantity

Retail Messaging Campaigns

If you want to grow your business, and want to increase your Customer base. We will be there to help you achieving your Goal
• We will provide you with easy-to-use web portal to send your Campaigns SMS to your protentional Customers
• We will Assistant you Round the Clock
• We will increase your reach where you think you should be

Empower your business with our SMS Marketing Campaigns
SMS can be immediately customized to subscribers needs and viewing habits. Timely, relevant content delivered on a valued, personal device creates a deep brand-to-person connection. Whether you’re sending one-way alerts or attractive a two-way conversation, SMS continues to be your single most powerful channel in terms of higher open rates, quicker response times and higher conversion rates.

Why us?

Unleashing the power of Mobile Messaging with Extensive Variety of Direct Operator Connectivity

Our Messaging Solutions are implemented on State-of the Art Messaging Platform to Achieve Operation productivity. Providing Robust, High-Capacity Solution that meets todays traffic demands.

Your success is OURS. When you choose to work with Voice Innovators, your business will not only benefit from stable services, but also from our commitment to provide the best possible support available. Our team is available round the clock to provide reliable services.

Whether you're starting a new Campaign for your Company or you are ready to revitalize an existing, Voice Innovators is the best match for you. We are passionate to make your business a success story. Voice Innovators believes that there are no limits to success.

SMS Termination Services

Voice Innovators provides a highly reliable mobile messaging gateway service allowing messages from different telecoms to be delivered on time.


We specializes in providing Mobile Terminated (MT) outbound SMS messaging services with direct SMS connectivity to mobile network operators across Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America.


We provide highly reliable, cost effective, efficient and low latency delivery of SMS messages to GSM mobile telephones and devices.


SMS reminders are the smartest way to make people remember their meetings, this approach is used instead of call reminders, which makes them comfortable. Schedule your reminder text, specify time and place and our SMS services will take care of that.


We deliver handset-based SMS verification and two-factor authentication using one-time passcode. An easy way to be protected from any type of fraud and spam.


Our services deliver top of the notch transactional SMS to keep you safe from any kind of fraud. Your safety is our first priority.


Use our platform to make your customer aware of your latest promotion. Increase your brand awareness, boost engagement, and eventually make sales with our simple platform.


If a customer needs help, two-way SMS messaging is the simplest way to satisfy them in the shortest period and without any stress.

SMS Pricing

Our best deals on SMS prices for you at the moment. Increase the volume and achieve the best price.


0.008 /sms

  • Product type - SIM route
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Sender - Fixed long code


0.008 /sms

  • Product type - SIM Safaricom
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Sender - Fixed longcode


0.021 /sms

  • Product type - HQ
  • OTP/Clean/Marketing Traffic
  • Sender - Pre SID Registration

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